AgeBetter with Connect

AgeBetter Connect Program: teal circular graphic with two hands

Independent and assisted living residents at Oakwood Village and Attic Angel Community can enjoy a personalized, fee-based service that also provides satisfying connections with others.

AgeBetter Connect is a new program offering services designed to assist residents in staying engaged, independent, and active. We match the resident with an AgeBetter Connect Assistant. The Assistant is selected based on his/her ability, interest, and experience while ensuring alignment to the resident and his/her request for services. The matching process is designed to result in a positive, enjoyable experience for the resident and the Assistant.

Our program’s menu of services includes individualized assistance with digital and hard copy photo album projects, personal organizing, musical and/or artistic projects and activities, errands, personal hobbies such as cooking, crafts, plant care, etc., light chores, closet cleaning or organizing, technical devices such as smart phones, iPads, Alexa, laptops, etc. Service offerings are designed to complement what is already offered at Oakwood Village and Attic Angel Association.

AgeBetter Connect: two women knitting at a table laughing
Connect Program: home organization assistance
AgeBetter Connect Program: man assisting an elderly woman in a garden.